Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trying Out: Kroger's Simple Truth Liquid Dish Soap

Since River's birth lo these nine years ago, I've been pretty crunchy.  Not, like, making my own clothes out of flax I harvest from the roadside crunchy, but at least recycling as much as possible and trying to cut out the number of ingredients in our food and products crunchy.  All this crunchiness is great, but it also is expensive, yo, and sometimes I wind up spending more on products than I would like because the alternative is on my "bad" list.  It stretches my budget pretty thin, the crunchiness.

Enter the Simple Truth line from Kroger.  Think of it as Kroger's organic and natural (although that natural label is easier for companies to fudge) store brand line.  The products I've tried are mostly great and they are also less expensive than name-brand organic and natural items.  For example, the ST organic peanut butter tastes awesome and at around $3.50, is a dang site cheaper than Smucker's and Jif's organic spreads (and easier to find.)

Because I grocery shop almost exclusively at Kroger, I am a Kroger Plus customer, which means that I get coupons just for items that I am more likely to buy every month.  I know that some people think the customer cards are a racket, and that's cool.  I love getting my coupons, and they generally mean that I can save a ton of money at the grocery store, so...whatever.   Last month, I got a coupon for ST Liquid Dish Soap, and since we were running low, I knew I'd probably get some IF the coupon made it cheaper than my Seventh Generation soap, which I can usually buy for around $3.

Note:  I am SKEPTICAL of "green" cleaning products.  I love the idea of them, but I find that if you don't use them quickly enough, they can develop a weird, essential-oil-going-bad smell.  Also, a good many of them just don't seem to work as well as mainstream products.  It's true, at least of the cheaper brands I've tried, because if I'm spending $7.99 for organic beef, I can't spend $25 for laundry soap, ya know?  I like Seventh Generation more than most and feel pretty good about the greenness of the company.

Upon arriving at the Super Kroger (it's kind of like a reverse Super Walmart--emphasis on food, but you can get clothes and organizational bins there.  I love it...,) I discovered that not only was the ST covered by my coupon, it was also on sale, so I was going to pay something nuts like $1.50 for it.  Because the lemon verbena (my go-to natural cleaning scent) was sold out, my choices for scent were unscented and Sweet Olive Blossom.  I went with Sweet Olive Blossom, which...more on that later.

So the thing to know about natural dish soap is that, a lot of time, it doesn't make a lot of suds.  I don't know why...I'm sure it has something to do with the particular combination of chemicals and fats and saponification and pH and other things that I don't know about because I'm an English major.  In any case, it can be a little off-putting because we're used to the idea that bubbles = clean.  The label may PROMISE that you that it cuts through grease, but then you'll put it on your rag and be like, "What?  No bubbles?  THE HELL YOU SAY!!!"

Oh, my stars above, can we talk about that video for a second?  The telephone ringing?  The stained aspect of my poor enamel sink?  (Next time, stainless steel all the way.)  The hypnotic "squish, squish, squish" of the dishrag?  Honestly, I could watch it all day long.  It's horrible and mesmerizing.  

Anyway, that's it for the bubbles:  fourteen of them.  That's all you get.  BUT...

Check it out!  Despite a disturbing lack of bubbles, there is no doubt that this stuff absolutely cuts through grease like a champ.  Probably (it must be said) even better than my beloved Seventh Generation.   Not only did it power through this grody spaghetti leftover extravaganza, it made short work of the fuzzy, gooey stuff that covered the wire shelves in my laundry room.

Why was the fuzzy stuff gooey?  We dare not ask that question.

Why was I scrubbing the wire shelves of my laundry room?  Dude.  They were fuzzy and gooey.  Try to keep up.

The stuff is cheap, the stuff cleans like a why am I not able to give it an unequivocal thumbs up?  It's the smell, y'all.

You know how when you walk outside on a chilly autumn day and the sweet olive is blooming and the air is lightly perfumed with a delicately sweet scent and you're like, "Oh, sweet olive, how lovely you are!"--that's great, right?

Yeah, okay, when that scent is just, like, hanging out in your kitchen without the benefit of being surrounded by, you know, the entire planet's oxygen supply, it's...powerful.  Maybe more powerful than a dishwashing liquid scent needs to be.  It's the most powerful, delicately sweet smell you've ever smelled and it's NOT RIGHT FOR THE KITCHEN.


Bottom line:  I will probably add this to my list of Simple Truth products that I buy over and over again, BUT I will not be getting the sweet olive scent again, because I do not think my kitchen can handle all of the delicate sweetness.

*Neither Kroger nor Simple Truth approached nor paid me for this review. 


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